An evolution of the guild TAPs (Together Anythings Possible), Dark Angels of Rising Chaos was founded by long-time Guild Wars player, Nina Knyghtly. DaRc is a diverse gaming community unto itself, whose members include parents and their children, grandparents, college students, and others from across the world. The guild’s impressive roster accounts for over one hundred members, with eight officers and ninety-one members in the main guild. DaRc helps foster a strong sense of community by maintaining guild forums, where members are all on a first-name basis with each other.

Guild Wars Europe

The official site,, has been updated with a whole new design and some extra content. The mainpage, that is now an impressive homebase for all guild wars players, still features the latest news concerning Guild Wars, all news updates can also be found here.

In addition to the new website of Guild Wars; ArenaNet also announced the return of the Wednesday Wallpapers. If you want to decorate your dekstop ‘factions style’ then you might want to check out the new ritualist wallpaper.